The Galeón is designed to be a dramatic, compelling destination for different publics in the Philippines and Southeast Asia; and a significant contribution to the world of museums.

5 May

3. Welcome to the Manila Acapulco Galleon Museum


The Galeón is a novel museum concept. It is both academically meticulous and physically stunning. On the drawing boards, The Galeón emerges as both a treasury of antiques and a treasury of digital experiences. It is envisioned to be a museum and a fun place; a cultural and an entertainment facility and a historical and commercial hub.

It equally draws diplomats, government officials, collectors, celebrities, professionals, families, tourists, yuppies, teens and schoolchildren. It sets out to appeal to all levels of society and all kinds of audiences.

It ushers in a vivid understanding of a 250 year old global trade that was bracketed on two sides of the
Pacific Ocean by Manila, Philippines, and Acapulco, Mexico.

It welcomes an understanding of today’s trade, commerce, banking,
travel, and cultural exchange, as linked to the Manila Acapulco galleon trade of the not so distant past.

The museum features an on-going construction of a gargantuan galleon that will be thoroughly based on an 18th century naval architectural plan. It is constructed in the highest standards possible.

The exhibitions are linear, following a chronological timeline that begins with maritime networks prior to the tornaviaje, with the 16th century beginnings of the trade, the 17th century ascendance, followed by the 18th century climax, and the early 19th century ending. Each of the periods will be experienced by the visitor through the interaction of stunning images, sculptures, interactive experiences, graphics, videos, specially-recorded period music, light-and-sound displays and miniature scenes.

The Galeón is the first museum in Southeast Asia that is created through international collaboration on aspects of architecture, naval history, maritime research and lighting design. Providing the curatorial direction is the pioneering and only Filipino museum development corporation with a track record of 20 years of curating the leading museum and exhibition projects of the Philippines.

Museo del Galeón Inc. invites you to partner with us on this brand new endeavor, that will place a remarkable institution in the Manila Bay area a virtual magnet drawing in the entire Southeast Asia and beyond.